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handmade jewellery

Making a crochet bracelet

Another one of these was needed, time to turn a lot of Netstone, jewellery thread and some ribbon into a bracelet. From all of this (above) to a bracelet with lots of Netstones.  Because the stones are not ‘stuck’ in… Continue Reading →

Another year another gemstone, or rather gemstones

The workshop has been rearranged, yet again, – you can never have enough space, and there have been a couple of new additions. Among them some very gorgeous sparkling black diamonds and sapphires in blue  and rose. All of them… Continue Reading →

Working on some acrylic jewellery.

(I’m sure there is a mini tutorial hiding in here somewhere) – First in line was this ring. I made it from acrylic sheet, plexiglass. The saw had to do a bit of work but we got there in the… Continue Reading →

Polymer clay and hollow forms

I just discovered how not to make hollow forms with polymer clay – here is one which didn’t go according to plan. Looks like everything got a little too tight for the cross. Inside I have really really dry cork… Continue Reading →

More work in progress

Those fine silver rings are nearly ready, they are sitting here waiting to be taken to the kiln. Another extra long firing to make sure they can do their job as rings. So I have started working on the next… Continue Reading →

Changes on online selling plattforms

I have been thinking about it for a while and have decided that it is time to make some changes. Finding a selling plattform for the english market has not been easy, being in germany I am not allowed to… Continue Reading →

A short not so voluntary break

So, after a short and not so voluntary break, I’m back.  Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan them. Not always a bad thing. Been working on some new earrings and lots of other stuff, the work area looks… Continue Reading →

Glass Fusing

At last – – they made it.  The parcel with the new, bright wonderful glass has arrived. It’s all Bullseye Glass. The first pieces are already in the kiln.  These are of course just test pieces to see if they… Continue Reading →

Waiting for supplies

Oh dear, was going to finish some silver and glass rings this week.  But for some reason the delivery people have been driving around with my parcel for the past 5 days.  Hhhmm, maybe they want to test the stuff… Continue Reading →

Facebook Page

OK, I admit, I’m a little slow, or maybe just busy, yeah – busy.  But, even I have finally managed to setup a facebook business page.  I’ve added a couple of photos and will keep adding status updates.  The long… Continue Reading →

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