– in particular the rings made of wood that I sell in the shop. Some are made of precious/rare wood like Amboina Burl or Makasar.

Some rings are varnished to give them extra protection and make then shiny, especially if they have been coloured like this blue ring, (which is not finished just yet, needs another couple of layers),

Handmade Wood Ring in Blue
Handmade Wood Ring

others have been waxed. If the ring has lost its shine or the varnish looks scratched, you can renew it. Get some sanding paper, (not too rough), and go over the ring a couple of times, but only gently. You don’t want to take off all the remaining varnish and be sure not to take off the colour. (Unless that is what you wanted to do). Make sure the ring is dry and clean and then add another thin layer of varnish, or a couple of layers if necessary.

You can also reapply wax to a ring, that’s a little easier, just make sure the ring is clean and dry and apply the wax until the ring shines again.

The ring on the left can be found in the shop already, the blue one will follow as soon as the varnish has dried.  www.glasstwig.com

Handmade Wood ring

Handmade Wood Ring