Just a quick note on some of the issues I have with the export of silver (fine silver and sterling silver). – This is not legel advice by any means. But – a “why certain items are not available to… ” advice.

To export my silver jewellery I have to meet some legal requirements. At the moment I am only selling within the EU but even here things are not simple and straight forward, so I’m concentrating on the regulations for the UK.

Most of the sterling silver findings I buy have already been hallmarked and can go anywhere they like,  – at last something straight forward, – however, the fine silver items I make need to be hallmarked if they are over 7,6 g. So a fine silver ring with a weight of 7,7 g needs a hallmark before I can sell it to the UK. This hallmarking takes time, I have to post the item to the UK and wait for the item to be returned with the hallmark.  Items below 7,6 g can be but don’t have to be hallmarked.

So you may find some items in the shop that can only be sold to certain countries, no worries, it means the hallmarked item is still being worked on.  – If you see something you like, but cannot select your country from the list to post to, please email me.