Handmade Jewellery


The workshop has been rearranged, yet again, – you can never have enough space, and there have been a couple of new additions. Among them some very gorgeous sparkling black diamonds and sapphires in blue  and rose. All of them waiting to be turned into some beautiful jewellery. As the workshop is accessible again, that will be no problem, one of the sapphires has already been added to a fine silver hammered ring.   There will be some more of those with blue gemstones and some of the diamonds will also be part of rings. This year there will be lots of fine silver rings and I will also stock up on some more sparkling gemstones which will be turned into earrings.

Time for lots of sparkling bright colours and maybe even some fine silver which has been turned purple through oxidization. All shops will be updated with new items as they become available.
If you find something you like but it’s not in your size you can always email me, if the gemstones are still available I can make the ring in a different size.