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Polymer clay and hollow forms

November 14th, 2011 | Posted by Nicole in Polymer Clay - (0 Comments)

I just discovered how not to make hollow forms with polymer clay – here is one which didn’t go according to plan.

Looks like everything got a little too tight for the cross. Inside I have really really dry cork clay.

Polymer Clay around Cork Clay

Polymer Clay around Cork Clay

Guess I should have kept an eye on it,- well I got distracted by some beads, when I got to the oven the temperature was sightly higher then it was supposed to be and the piece was in the oven much longer then planned. Most polymer clays need a temperature of between 110° C and 130° C,- well in this case the 130° C had turned into almost 150° C,- no fumes, but the clay clearly didn’t like it. Nothing discoloured, that happens very easily and quickly if the temperature goes over 130° C, in this case it was just that something didn’t fit.

So this one will stick around as a reminder, the next one will get all the attention it needs.

Polymer Clay Heart

Polymer Clay Heart


The big heart was a solid polymer clay piece,- so I thought it was time to try some cork clay inside the piece so that the end result would not be so heavy, I like heavy pendants, but it’s not something you would want to wear all day, so there has to be an alternative.

Cork clay was right beside my desk so it got the job and it’s easily shaped and very light. Only drawback is that it takes days to dry out – and waiting is not always my strong point. The polymer clay was well conditioned and spend forever (in clay time) going through the pasta machine.

Maybe the wrapping of the polymer clay around the cork clay was not perfect, it looked like there was plenty of room – allowing for expanding and shrinkage, but then,- you can’t see inside once everything is sealed.

Sometimes the material has its own plan anyway – not looking just gave it the opportunity to do what it wanted to – but we can turn these little hiccups into little pieces of art.

I am glad to say that so far this is the only piece that got injured, everybody else has been alright, there must have been something in the air that day.