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Caring for coral jewellery

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Coral Bracelet

Coral Bracelet

As I have a number of coral pieces in the shop, I thought a little note on how to care for handmade coral jewellery might be helpful.

Gemstones need to be treated with care if they are to keep their shine and look their best.  There are plenty of everyday things that can harm some of the stones. Perfumes, oils, creams, are all bad for the stones and make them look less attractive.

There are different types of coral stones, such as pressed coral, but they all need to be treated with great care as they are fragile, can be scratched very easily and can even fall apart.  Beads may have been dyed or treated in some other way, this will not always help and dyed colours may fade over time.

It is best to apply oils and creams to the skin first, once these have dried you can then put on your jewellery to ensure that the two have as little contact as possible.  Any chemicals should be avoided.

To avoid the beads getting scratched when not wearing your jewellery, you should store them away from other jewellery or anything that could be dangerous to them.  The box that you place them in should also be suitable for the stones.  Something nice and soft that will not harm the beads or change their colour.

If you do need to clean the beads, you can do so with a soft damp cloth, quickly wipe the beads, the corals should not be in contact with water for too long as water will harm the beads. Leaving them in water for a long time to clean them is not a good idea, it will remove more then just the dirt. This is something you need to keep in mind when wearing a ring or even a bracelet, – doing the dishes with the ring is not advisable.

Direct sunlight and very high temperatures should also be avoided, the sunlight can cause the colour to fade, leaving a nice shiny bead looking rather pale and “worn”.

Ideally stones should be cleaned after they have been worn, going over them with a damp cloth and letting them dry completely should be enough.  If you do need to clean stones thoroughly, you could give them to a professional or you need to get detailed information about the type of stone, to find the best way of cleaning it without being damaged. Ultrasonic cleaners can be harmful to many stones and should be avoided unless tried and tested (by someone else).

Had my head

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Silver and Blue Sandstone Earrings

Silver and Blue Sandstone Earrings


stuck in paperwork. The stuff is coming out of my ears. And of course, everything for the “offices” has to be finished by the end of the month. They like to forget the some of us have to work, at least every now and again.  But I have managed to get something finished. So here are some of the new additions.

Coral Necklace

Coral Necklace

More Wood Rings

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Just a tiny little preview of some “raw” wood rings, they will be next. They just don’t know it yet.

It’s another light and bright one, the other is precious wood.  The bright one must also the the “fattest” ring in the shop, well, at least so far, I’m sure he will be a little slimmer when he’s done. He may even get some colour.

Handmade Wood Rings

Handmade Wood Rings

Latest Additions (take two)

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Handmade Wood Ring in Blue

Handmade Wood Ring

This is the new addition in the rings section. It took a while,- varnish can take very long to dry,- but the blue ring is finally ready to be added.

There is also a new item in the “glass” section.  A very nice pinky entry, lots of shades of pink. Both can be found in the shop.

Pink Glass Necklace

Pink Glass Necklace


I’m working on some fine silver and resin pieces, hope to have them done really soon.

(Deutsch) Neue “Sale” Kategorie

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Working on a soapstone ring

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Soapstone Ring

Soapstone Ring

So,  after all that sanding on the soapstone (and my fingers), I have some time to add a “still working on it” picture.   Its a black/brown soapstone and you can see the final shape, (sort of),  unless somethings goes very wrong and I will have to go for plan B.  The colour hasn’t yet come out, that will happen once it has been polished.  It has a really nice colour mix.

The silver rings are also being worked on and should be ready for the cold enamel any day soon.

The soapstone cross is finished and has been added to the shop.  www.glasstwig.com

Exporting and Hallmarking Silver

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Just a quick note on some of the issues I have with the export of silver (fine silver and sterling silver). – This is not legel advice by any means. But – a “why certain items are not available to… ” advice.

To export my silver jewellery I have to meet some legal requirements. At the moment I am only selling within the EU but even here things are not simple and straight forward, so I’m concentrating on the regulations for the UK.

Most of the sterling silver findings I buy have already been hallmarked and can go anywhere they like,  – at last something straight forward, – however, the fine silver items I make need to be hallmarked if they are over 7,6 g. So a fine silver ring with a weight of 7,7 g needs a hallmark before I can sell it to the UK. This hallmarking takes time, I have to post the item to the UK and wait for the item to be returned with the hallmark.  Items below 7,6 g can be but don’t have to be hallmarked.

So you may find some items in the shop that can only be sold to certain countries, no worries, it means the hallmarked item is still being worked on.  – If you see something you like, but cannot select your country from the list to post to, please email me.

Hello and Welcome…

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Hello Everybody,

Made it. A new blog site from someone who makes handmade, unique, one of kind jewellery. No two items will look the same.  Hmm, well that must be ‘cos most items are only made onces.

My eshop is up and running, if you would like to have a look at what is available at the moment you can go to:  www.glasstwig.com.  I work with many different materials, silver, gemstones, wood, glass, and there are lots more coming.

The good news it that some time next week, new Silver Rings with Cold Enamel should be ready and will be added to the shop and the Polymer Clay and Silver Earrings are almost ready to go.

Make sure you check back as I will be updating you on what is going on, and what has been happening so far.  And of course there will be lots of photos.  All silver is either Sterling Silver (925) or Fine Silver (999). As its the middle of the night and (after “some” problems) I have just managed to install and configure this blogsite, I shall be taking a break (just a short one).


Oh Dear…..

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Puuuuhhh…. Well.. my original blog database decided to leave me…. I did manage to make a backup of some of the posts but I had to reinstall and will now have to start from zero….

I will be reconfiguring the site and uploading the old posts as quickly as possible… please stick with me and come back soon …

If you would like a look at by handmade jewelley webshop please go to

Thanks a mill – Nicole